My favorite travel gear

In the past few years, I have traveled to Tibet, South Africa, Morocco, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Nepal, Thailand, Bali, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, China, New Zealand, Europe, etc…  Needless to say, I’ve spent countless hours on planes, bikes, buses, cars & walking.  There are a few travel items that I love – whether it is just a cross country flight or a journey half-way around the world, I never travel without these in my pack:

MacBook Air – I use it for everything.  Powerful enough for photoshop post-processing but light enough to not be noticed.  I almost always bring an external hard drive, too.

Shure Headphones – These tiny “in the ear” headphones do a superb job of blocking out all external sounds.  Baby crying in the seat next to you?  Don’t worry, deploy your Shures.

iCruiser Power Supply – My iPhone is essential and with the iCruiser, I never need to worry about running out of battery.  Countless recharges are possible with this durable power supply.

Contoured Eye Mask – Sometimes you need to sleep when it’s light.  Sleep masks generally press against the eye, causing discomfort.  Not these!  Cheap & essential.

Cashmere Travel Blanket – Ok, now I’ve lost you!  A travel blanket?  Well, I’ve used mine as a pillow, back support, makeshift sleeping bag, alternative to questionable hotel sheeting, etc etc.  It’s a slight pain to haul around (fits in my bag) but so worth it.

Ambien – Being able to sleep is one of the great gifts of travel.  Occasional use of Ambien has almost eliminated in-country jet lag and certainly makes long flight times fly by.  Some people have reported problematic side effects but not me!

First Aid Kit – Delhi belly?  Headache?  Cut?  Be prepared.

Travel Adapter – I’ve never needed a heavy “converter” set…this has always done the trick for me.

The LowePro CompuDaypack – This handy (smallish) backpack is my go-to carry on bag.  Holds all the above & more – and, most importantly, my SLR Camera & a lens!

The Kindle – I much prefer my Kindle to the iPad for traveling.  3 week battery life, cheap, international downloads, etc etc.

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