Hipstamatic – The best point & shoot (that you always have with you)

I’ve bought many high-end point & shoot cameras, each time hoping that they’ll deliver near-SLR quality images in a pocket form factor.  I have always been wrong.  In fact, my photography junk drawer is littered with broken dreams (with names like canon, leica, panasonic, nikon, olympus, etc etc).  They just don’t deliver compared to their big sensor / great glass cousins.
And then I found the Hipstamatic application for the iPhone.  It delivered – in a big way…and it taught me a very valuable lesson.  You see, the Hipstamatic never promised to be an SLR – if anything, it compared itself more to a Polaroid or Lomo.  I simply love the images that it can produce.  In fact, it regularly overdelivers interesting “art” shots vs its much more expensive cousin, the Canon 5D MKII.  And does it from a device that you almost certainly have in your pocket.  Once you’ve taken the shot, you can distribute it broadly – to email, facebook, twitter, etc.  Personally, I like to open my Hipstamatic shot in Instagram and use their service to one-touch blast the image to my social network sites and friends.
Christopher > Oxford Internet Institute photo

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