On December 13th, 2009,  I saw the most spectacular sunrise of my life.  In the Southern latitudes, the sun rises early…  So, the morning of the 12th, I woke up at 3am, hiked out to a great shooting spot & waited for the sun to rise over Torres Del Paine national park in Southern Chile.  It was cold – very cold – and nothing really happened.  And I kept waiting & getting colder & colder.  At about 6am, it was just a diffuse light – the morning, though beautiful in a subtle way, was a photographic wash.  The next day, I awoke at 230AM (thanks to my alarm) and lay comfortably in bed seriously considering just going back to sleep.  Mustering all my available energy at the moment, I grabbed my gear, layered up and headed out again to try and capture the famed, “Patagonian Sunrise."  At 4AM, the reddest, most intense light filtered across the Andes.  I probably took a thousand pictures that morning – and had almost missed it completely. I’ve often thought about that moment and wondered how many other things I have missed because I chose the comfortable path…  I’m happy to be able to share one of those pictures with you.

"There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope.” – Williams

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