Hey, what camera do you use?

I’m often asked, “What cameras do you use?” I basically shoot 2 cameras: the Canon 5D MK II & the Leica M9.  Yes, I use my Canon S100 occasionally, and my iPhone 4S Hipstamatic with some frequency.  But, for serious shoots, it’s either the SLR (Canon) or the Rangefinder (Leica).

Canon EOS 5D Mark II 21.1MP Full Frame CMOS Digital SLR Camera

Perhaps more important than the body are the lenses.  I typically use the 16-35MM f2.8 wide angle or the 24-70MM f2.8 on my Canon (unless I’m shooting far away objects or sports) and almost exclusively keep the 50MM f.95 on my Leica.  I’ve shot lots of other SLRs: the Nikon D3X, D7000, D90, Canon 1D, 1DS, 7D, etc etc but I keep coming back to the 5D MK II.  It just delivers the shot time & time again – in a manageable package.  But, for street portraiture, I simply love my Leica.

Leica M9 18MP Digital Range Finder Camera (Steel Gray, Body Only)

Shooting wide open (f.95) delivers simply stunning shots – that is if you can nail the focus.  The focal plane is so narrow at f.95 that, unless I am extremely careful to focus on a subjects eyes (& they are not moving), the picture will always be out of focus.  I’ve never used a camera where I have a higher shot rejection rate.  But, when it works, wow.  As to the point & shoots, I keep hoping to find one that delivers the quality of an SLR in your pocket.  I’ve given up.  In one sense, that’s why I like my Hipstamatic (iphone) so much – it doesn’t try and compete with the big boys…it delivers a “Polaroid-like” experience and does it exceedingly well.  What do you shoot?

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