Creating unforgettable moments

NY resolution #1: Actively cultivate memories by breaking with routine. I absolutely love the comfort of returning to the same places over & over again – but, in some respects, I might be doing myself a disservice. Our brains seem to record novel experiences in long term memory with more fidelity than those experiences which are more familiar (there is significant evolutionary advantage to doing so). So if you believe one of the great currencies in life is great memories, it might be wise to work actively at pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. Some speculate that this phenomena is one of the factors that lead people to believe that time is moving more quickly as we get older – fewer “new” experiences lead to a smaller number of experiences being indelibly recorded (and available) in memory…so one’s recollection of memorialized experiences/time drops, giving the impression of time moving more quickly. Ok, forget blue bottle – I’m off to Cafe Vega.

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