It was well past 8 and the sun cast long, golden shadows through Cannaregio. While wandering through one of the remote canals, I noticed a small wooden doorway ajar under one of the buildings….it was more of a ship’s hatch, with an intriguing collection of flotsam hanging on the inside of the door. As I approached, I was able to see that the door opened to a narrow workshop, nestled between the street and open to the canal on the opposite side. Inside this dark workshop was an Italian gentleman tying fly-fishing lures – feathers, fishing gear, and bottles of wine surrounded him. It was one of the most amazing rooms I’ve ever seen. A remote curiosity shop out of a summer’s dream. I said, “Buona Sera,” and was invited in. He said his name was Andrea and this was where he gets away, “my phone won’t work here so my wife can’t call.” He poured me a glass of cool white wine and showed me the beautiful golden pheasant he was using for fly feathers. Just then, a lovely blond woman ducked into the workshop. It was Monica, his wife. The three of us sat there a while talking about Venice, photography and their lives. It was surreal and beautiful evening in Venice.

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