Just returned from an incredibly eerie experience in Sitka. While hiking home at around 9pm through the mist and fog, I noticed two fishing vessels off the edge of a nearby island – dark and ominous seagoing ships mere yards from the shore. I wanted a closer look – so hiked along the coast for about an hour… As I arrived at the edge of the peninsula, I found myself on a lonely promontory covered in kelp and purple starfish. The only sounds were splashes from the spawning salmon, the cries of the eagles, and the breathing of a nearby sea lion. After a while, I could hear the winches of the fishing vessels straining against the catch. As the light began to fade, I crossed the peninsula hoping for a shortcut home. As I crested the rocks, I could see an rusted anchor abandoned on the shore. As I got closer, I was shocked to see 15 more of these ancient sentinels laying along the rocky coast. Imagine a foggy shore with ten foot anchors lying every few yards…and in the distance an old harbor at the foot of a misty mountain. I could almost hear the ghosts of Sitka’s fisherman roaming the shore.

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