“Sunrise on December 31st, 2012, at Ushuaia, the world’s southernmost city, was scheduled to be at 4:59. After an all too early wake up call, I positioned myself high above the harbor to shoot down the Beagle Channel, hoping for at least a hint of red. The morning looked more promising than any other this week, you could see blue sky amidst ribbon-like clouds floating above the Channel and nearby Martial Range. By 6:15, I was able to photograph red clouds just above the harbor. Decent, but nothing to write home about. By 6:45, the red clouds had faded so I packed up my D800 and was just about to call it a morning when I took another look. The sun had burst through the clouds, bathing the entire harbor in a beautiful orange glow, with striated shadows all along the horizon. On the last day of 2012 at the end of the Earth, I saw the best sunrise of my life. “

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