How I Found A Lost Sunset:

As any good (and not so good) photographer would do in Hawaii, I went in search of a nice spot to shoot the sunset.  I hiked for a while along the shore and discovered a flat, secluded ledge just below a volcanic cliff.  I settled in for an hour of reading and watching.  As the sun neared the horizon, there was a hint of red in the sky and then it faded to a dull blue.  Just like yesterday, it didn’t appear that the gods were cooperating so I packed up to climb up the ledge and head home.  I took a while to pack up and in that time, the sky began to glow – slowly at first and then with incredible intensity.  And then the islands gave me a show I won’t soon forget.  A good lesson in perseverance and letting go.  So, from me and the Islands to you: “Maui Sunset”

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