Inspired by Uber.  Leica Monochrom M.  Well, the truth is: I was inspired by Leah, my UberX driver.  I had to head down to Woodside for a lunch to honor a professor friend of mine.  I decided to skip driving and ordered an UberX instead.  Leah pulled up and I asked, “front seat or back.”  She smiled and said, “up to you.”  The front seat was back so jumped in next to her.  She had the console configured like an office – pens, paper, cool knick-knacks.  I thought to myself, “I like that she’s making the most of this job.”  I put my phone away and we started talking.  About the mayors of Oakland (where she lives) and San Francisco, about homelessness, about leadership, and psychology.  She told me how she’s learned so much as an Uber driver – she’s learned about other people, she’s learned how to be more confident in herself, and how to help others better enjoy their day.  She told me about dropping out of school when she was in 10th grade, her first job as a cashier, and how she’s done better each year since then.  Forty-five minutes flew by in a flash.  I walked out of the car with incredible admiration for this brilliant, articulate and insightful woman.  Sure Uber provides a valuable transportation service, but, perhaps just as importantly, it serves as an important “vehicle” for mixing people, ideas and communities.  Ride on, Leah!  

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