“The Humanist”  Monochrom M.

There are many ways to describe Trip Hawkins.  Serial entrepreneur (he founded Electronic Arts, The 3DO Company, and Digital Chocolate), technology pioneer (Apple, EA), coach & teacher.  But to me, the right title for Trip is “The Humanist.”  

I’ve had the pleasure of serving alongside Trip on the board of Kixeye, a really interesting mobile gaming company. Not surprisingly, Trip offers lots of great game design insight.  You’d expect that from one of the fathers of the industry.

But Trip’s real superpower is his deep understanding of himself and others.  He’s had years to reflect over his triumphs and failures, observed countless leaders up close (from Steve Jobs to super-star GMs), and developed incredibly useful frameworks for helping people achieve their best – not just in their jobs but in life.  

So, when Trip speaks, we all listen.  

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